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Fergus Software makes the life of tradies easier!

Do you own a business and find it challenging to keep track of your employees’ timesheets and payment? The Fergus Software is a one-stop-shop and an excellent choice for all types of tradies wanting to get better control over their business’ planning and financials. Virtual Assistant highlights some problems that tradies often face during their administration jobs and how the Fergus Software poses a solution for these issues.

Information is scattered around

Often tradies find that information is spread across multiple systems, such as using specific software to log time and another one to pay and bill the employees. This could lead to some workers not being paid for the hours they worked and could ultimately make it very difficult for the manager to keep track of jobs. Information can get easily lost when putting it over from one software to another, and even the most precise workers can make some mistakes. The Fergus Software ensures that all necessary information is kept in one place and that the billing is done automatically by the system. The automation leaves no room for error and takes the unnecessary time spent on billing away from the employer so that they can focus on the job at hand instead.

Can’t keep track of jobs and costs

Tradies owning large companies often work on several different jobs simultaneously, which prevents the employer from being present at all locations. This may cause the manager to be confused about where jobs are at, what has been done and any promises that need to be fulfilled within that specific week. Knowing how much a renovation or new build has cost in total is also tricky to determine if everything is done manually. The Fergus Software not only does real-time tracking of jobs but also provides a financial overview for each job that’s put into the system, enabling the employer to keep track of the exact number of hours and cost spent on a project.

Lost control of employees and expenses

Supervisors often need to do supply runs and travel from one job to another, which prevents them from looking after all employees at the same time. This might sometimes encourage tradies to be late for work or leave early. Fergus Software incorporates timesheets and enables employees to easily see how many hours a specific employee has worked on a job, in a day or a week. The system allows for supplier invoices to be imported and allocated to particular projects, ensuring that everything is stored digitally and no information gets lost. The Fergus Software gives greater control to tradies in keeping track of their employees and expenses.

At Virtual Assistant, we are all about simplifying administration duties of managers, employers and supervisors and giving them back the control that they have lost. We understand the challenges that tradies face in today’s world and strive to provide a solution that works efficiently and is easy to use. Our team can teach and train you in the Fergus Software to simplify your job and ensure your business is successful! Get in touch to book a consultation, and we will be happy to introduce you to this great system and unlock your business’ full potential!