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If the idea of working from home and turning your passions for organisation into a business is appealing to you, becoming a virtual assistant (VA) may be an excellent choice for you. A virtual assistant job can give you the ideal work-life balance you might have been looking for for a while. But even if you think becoming a VA might be a perfect job move for you, you might be confused about how you can make it happen. Virtual Assistant is here to explain how you can become a VA in New Zealand and why it could be the best decision you can make!

What exactly is a virtual assistant?

Are you confused about what a virtual assistant does on a daily basis? Have you heard about this position but never truly understood what the job truly entails?

A virtual assistant is essentially a person who supports a business from a remote location. They work well for organisations that need either part-time or full-time assistant support but don’t have the capacity to provide the space for a new employee. A remote assistant gives flexibility, lower fixed costs and the ability to upscale and downscale the amount of their work simply within a business.

In today’s digital world, the job is becoming more and more popular, with several industries utilising this employment option. As a virtual assistant, you will complete personal assistant, bookkeeping, documentation, human resources and communication services for a business. The manager will likely pick and choose what specific type of job they want you to do, and this might change relatively often based on what the organisation needs.

As a virtual assistant, you should have a diverse range of administrative and organisational skills that would help an organisation in different aspects of its business. The great thing about this job is that you can personalise your work based on what you are good at.

Becoming a virtual assistant

Now that you know what a virtual assistant does, you might be wondering how you can become one. Even if you haven’t had any direct experience working as a VA or a general assistant, you might have some transferable skills that could set your CV apart. Have you made travel arrangements or managed someone’s calendar? Are you experienced in social media, writing blogs or formatting documents? All these are skills that a VA possesses and uses every day.

If you have less knowledge in technical areas, such as bookkeeping, payroll and accounting software, there are a number of online courses that you can complete to improve your skillset. However, as we mentioned before, you can highlight your primary area of knowledge and focus your job on that part. On the other hand, being a personal assistant also entails that you have a wide variety of expertise, so upskilling is always a good idea. Having an online portfolio of any documentation design and formatting work and social media and newsletters you have written is an excellent way to showcase your knowledge to companies and clients.

Once you have written your CV and improved your skillset, you should get in touch with a VA company, such as Virtual Assistant. They are always looking for talented and knowledgeable staff to support a wide range of businesses across New Zealand. Ensure you get testimonials and feedback from each client so that you can highlight your advantages to potential future companies you want to work with.

Become a VA at Virtual Assistant

If you believe you have what it takes to support a business virtually, get in touch with Virtual Assistant. We would be happy to discuss some opportunities we provide to both beginner and experienced VAs and see if you are an excellent fit for a position at our organisation.

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