Letters & Reports

Know what to say but can’t put it into words?

You have a business letter to write or a report to put together and you know what you want to say but it doesn’t sound quite right when you type it up and read it back.  Your thoughts are jumbled as your mind is cluttered therefore your letter will appear jumbled and cluttered as well.  Or quite frankly, you just simply don’t have the time.

Your letter or report is going to 50 different people or companies with each requiring to be addressed and signed individually and the thought of this sends you into a tailspin.

Take the hassle out of writing and signing letters

Tell us what you want and let us do the work for you.

VirtualAssistant.co.nz can help you compose business letters or content around the graphs, charts or figures in your reports.  You provide us with the main focus, bullet points or message you want to convey and we will put these ideas and thoughts into an orderly, constructive format making it easy to understand and follow.  We will ensure we convey the tone and apply language typically used by your business.

If you need a letter or report to go to several separate or individual people or companies and they all need to be addressed exclusively we can setup a mail merge which takes the headache and time out of applying addresses to each letter.  If you supply us your digital signature then gone is the timely task of signing each letter.  We can insert your signature on each one!

Convey what you want to say in a meaningful way

Don’t waste time trying to put pen to paper.  Tell us what you want to say and let us do the rest.  Use VirtualAssistant.co.nz to help you compose your letters and reports.  Give us a call on
04 232 9199 or email candice@virtualassistant.co.nz