Do you have concerns about the accuracy of your payroll or are just struggling to get it completed on time?

  • Struggling to find the time to run your payroll or worse still have missed paying your staff?
  • Not sure that the information you are completing is even accurate?
  • Got staff asking you questions about Payroll that you are struggling to answer?
  • Not sure that the information you are providing to IR is correct – or are you even providing information to IR?
  • Do you have payroll figures in your accounts that you are not sure what they are?
  • Tired of coming home from working every week to then try and run your payroll?
  • You’ve heard about legislation changes but not sure how they will affect you in payroll?

Get on with running your business while we ensure your payroll is compliant

Your staff are one of your most expensive assets but also your most valuable and nothing makes a staff member more unhappy than not being paid.

Ensure your staff are paid on time and accurately and that your payroll information remains confidential by outsourcing your payroll today.  From one staff member to hundreds we can complete the whole process for you.

There is no denying it, payroll in New Zealand is complicated and we see it being done wrong all the time.  If you think the cost of outsourcing your payroll to experts is likely to be too expensive, maybe it’s time to chat to the team at  We can provide you with either a full outsourced service, support for you to complete your own payroll, or even payroll audits to give you peace of mind that the information you have is correct.

Ensure your staff (your most valuable asset) are being paid correctly

Don’t delay – contact the team today to help you sleep at night – safe in the knowledge your staff are being paid on time and accurately.  Full service payroll or just need some support? Contact us and we will help make the problem go away. Give us a call on 04 232 9199 or email