Missed calls equals missed business

You pick up your phone and see you’ve missed six calls.  You have four voicemail messages but you’re due into a meeting or are on the tools at a job.  You finally get to your phone only to find that it’s either too late to call the person back or when you do, you’ve missed out on providing a quote or securing a potential sale.  It may be an emergency call from family or a friend and you can never forgive yourself for missing that important event.  Or you rush to answer that call only to find it’s the wrong number or someone conducting a survey.

We answer your calls when you can’t

Get on with your day in the comfort that all calls are answered when you can’t answer them.

By using we can answer your calls with a customised greeting or script provided by you giving the caller the impression that we are part of your business.  We can take messages, create a call and message log providing you a summary at the end of the day or passing on those urgent messages as they happen – whatever way suits you the best.

How many calls or voicemail messages do you get that are timewasters?  We can be the gatekeeper for those pesky, unwanted calls, filter through your voicemail messages prioritising those urgent matters and deleting those that aren’t necessary.  If you don’t have time to respond, let us know and we can make the call for you organising a suitable time or simply passing on a message.

Leave the calls to us and the business to you

Can’t live with or without your phone, but you definitely don’t want to live with missed opportunities.  Use as your telephone answering and messaging service to stay on top of your business.  Give us a call on 04 232 9199 or email