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Have you ever found you have no time to deal with essential parts of your business, as you spend an extensive amount on small, everyday tasks? Are you finding it challenging to keep on top of sales leads, and is this impacting your business’ success? Outsourcing to a virtual assistant may be an excellent option for you if you don’t have the capacity to employ a new staff member. Let Virtual Assistant give you an insight into what we do for businesses on a daily basis and how we have helped qualify sales leads for one of the businesses we work with!

When we start working for a new client, we make sure that we understand what the business wants and needs and how we can help them get there in a simple yet effective way. Many companies spend time calling and emailing potential clients about sales leads, which often don’t turn out to be successful. This can take much needed time from staff, who are going after clients that, in the end, decide not to engage in the business’ services and work together with them. Our virtual assistant service ensures that only qualified sales leads make it to the team. We take out the time spent on correspondence and give you more time to focus on other matters.

Here is what our process looks like in a day where we qualify sales leads for a client:

  • We start off with checking your company’s customer relationship management (CRM) software for any current relationships and interactions with customers and looking for potential leads.
  • We do a background check on the lead, analysing if they are in the right area and if they generally fit with our organisation.
  • If we determine that they are the right fit, we call to confirm timeline, budget and a little about what they may be after. We ask a few questions about their likes and dislikes to see if they are an ideal customer for the business. We also explain what your company is about and how your services and products might benefit them.
  • The virtual assistant discusses if they are keen and if so, we send them an email with the follow up steps about working together with your business.
  • We then pass on the lead to the sales team so that they can take care of any additional details and secure the customer.
  • To ensure that everyone in the organisation is aware of the new lead, we add it to the CRM as appropriate. This enables us to keep a record of our lead qualifications and make your job in the business easier.

Our process ensures that even before you talk to the clients, you have the necessary information about their needs and wants and whether they are the right fit for your business. This reduces the time spent on phone calls with unqualified customer leads and enables the sales team to focus on successful clients.

If you would like to engage the services of a virtual assistant to support you with qualifying sales leads, get in touch with Virtual Assistant today! We will make sure only the appropriate leads make it to your sales team, giving you the time to focus on more pressing matters!

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