Software Setups & Conversions

Do you have accounting software? Is it accurate?

Are your accounts still in a shoebox and you just take that to the Accountant each year for EOFY processing? Maybe you’ve got Xero or MYOB but are not sure the software is set up correctly, or perhaps its just the data being entered is inaccurate? Do you just keep pressing the OK button in Xero or MYOB? It’ll be OK right?

Don’t you hate chasing up a customer for money only for them to tell you they’ve paid? Why is it still showing as outstanding in the accounts?

Maybe you’re software isn’t working for you anymore and you need to change software.

Accurate data means you are able to make informed decisions.

The information in your accounting software should be your point of truth for how your business is going. This should be the information you rely on but if its not correct – what now? Now is the time to get a software WOF for your accounts. Let us check the information for you and then either correct the information and / or the process and give you a report on what we’ve found.

If your software just is not doing what you think it should be its time to get it checked by a professional. It could be that its time for additional software like job management software or that you can automate and send invoices to your Xero or MYOB file using Hubdoc or Receiptbank. So much time to be saved and so much streamlining of processes to be sorted.

Get your data accurate and update so you can take your business to the next level.

Software setups and conversions completed by the experts.

Accurate information is essential to the running of your business.  Rubbish in equals rubbish out.  Use to help ensure your data is accurate.  Software setups, conversions or trainings – let’s chat to go through the options.  Give us a call on 04 232 9199 or email