Is your inbox always full?

Are you constantly distracted by a continual barrage of emails appearing in your inbox?  Are you so busy that you don’t get to your emails to till the end of the day only to find you have an overwhelming number of messages to work through?  Your inbox is so full of unread mail yet a great number of these are unnecessary junk or could be filed away to read at a later date.  Among the junk mail you have missed those important messages which require a response or action and the consequence of this is detrimental to your business.

Imagine an inbox clear of clutter

You can have an inbox that is nicely ordered, clear of clutter and your attention brought to important emails that require your response and action. can help save you time and unnecessary stress by organising your email inbox in a way that works for you.  Simply give us access to your inbox and we can filter, archive and delete emails providing order to your inbox.  We can categorise, colour code and flag emails sorting them into easily recognisable groups.   All those newsletters, sales emails and invites to events can be grouped together and read at your leisure.  Colour coding and flags will also help you realise what are priority and what requires your attention.  We can setup folders and a filing system making it easy for you to find emails related to specific events, jobs or clients and for things that need actioning in the next day or so.

Get some order in your inbox saving time and energy

Get on top of your emails and lighten your load.  Let help you get that order back into your day and your life on track by giving us a call on 04 232 9199 or email