Does your document look inconsistent and chaotic?

Do you find making simple changes in a Word document is made more difficult because of how it’s been setup or formatted by someone else.  Or something that you know should only take you 10 minutes can take up to an hour as everything you do changes something else it wasn’t supposed to change.  You’d love to insert your logo or a picture into your document but then it’s put itself in the wrong place and you can’t move it.  All those formatting functions that make your report or presentation look good seem so difficult and nothing is looking as it should.

Have professional and streamlined looking documents

Imagine having the table of contents in your 30-page report actually correspond with the correct page numbers.  Your logo sits nicely in the same spot on each page and it’s the same size every time. can help you streamline all your business documents having them look consistent and professional every time.  We use Microsoft applications daily so what might take you some time to get all those margins just how you want them, headings looking like headings and paragraphs indented where they need to be,  this all comes as second nature to us.  Insert a table with or without borders, merge columns or rows or make the cells bigger or smaller – all simple things if you know how and we do!

We can ensure your documents flow and are professionally presented, consistently formatted, include graphics where need be and insert company colours and branding as applicable.

Save yourself time and headaches

Stick to doing what you know best and give formatting a rest!  Use to help you get all your documents looking consistent and uniform.  Give us a call on 04 232 9199 or email