Human Resources Services

Taking on employees is a big step. While offering massive benefits to the growth and function of your business, it also brings with it several concerns which may be new to a small company. In the absence of the HR departments that larger organisations possess, ensuring compliance with employment laws and creating a positive working environment can be a challenge—despite the best of intentions.

Our HR services are an easy outsourced solution. We can offer advice and direction as well as put in the work to keep your employees happy and make sure you are meeting all obligations under the law. Having worked with a wide array of small and medium-sized businesses around the nation, we take an agile approach to human resources which can be adapted to fit your business and its specific needs.

People, compliance, and culture are made easy with our HR help. Don’t risk losing good staff or landing yourself in hot water over employment issues—give us a call and let’s talk. We have HR professionals who can step in virtually to become a seamless part of your team.

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Human Resources Services with Virtual Assistant


Don’t take the best out of a bad bunch.  Let us help find your latest and greatest team member leaving you to pick the best out of the best bunch.

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Employment Contracts

Be compliant and consistent and avoid costly mistakes. Ensure your contracts are written correctly to provide you with peace of mind.

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Job Descriptions

Make sure your staff members know what they are employed to do. Arrange a professional job description that provides clarity and clear guidelines.

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Get help from afar from our professional and efficient assistants. Many businesses need a bit of a helping hand, and virtual assistant services can fill the gap.