Job Descriptions

Not Sure Who Does What As Nothing Is Documented?

You have a valued staff member leave and you go to replace them but you’re not sure exactly what they do as they just do it.  You hire a new staff member and they ask for a job description so you hastily and last-minute put something together but it’s not exactly what you need.

You may even have job descriptions already in place but rather than having some structure and meaningful information it’s just a list of bullet points that don’t actually reflect the job.  Or your job descriptions may be so specific that your employee refuses to do anything not listed on it.

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Being organised and having specific and accurate job descriptions in place can save you so much time and money.  Not only that, but a job description can act as a fantastic communication tool and provide your staff with clear expectations of their role. can help you get your job descriptions in order, whether you have made a start and just need fine-tuning or you simply don’t know where to start.  We can assist by getting to know you and your business, helping you define the different roles in your business, documenting key tasks and responsibilities, establishing minimum qualifications and experience required to be able to undertake the role.

Once you have your job descriptions in place you will find the value they provide.  They can help with recruiting new staff, performance reviews, training staff, and setting objectives and goals providing your staff with clarity and clear guidelines.

Do the hard work now to make it easier later

Help your team to achieve their goals by having meaningful job descriptions. Let help you manage this process. Give us a call on 04 232 9199 or email for more information.