Is Your Database Unorganised Or Wasting Away?

Do you go to send out invitations to an event or an email to your clients about an up and coming promotion only to discover you can only find what seems like not even half of your contacts? Or, you have business cards cluttering your wallet, thrown in your desk draws, some in your car? Are you dealing with a spreadsheet of contacts that is three years out of date.  You embarrass yourself by sending communications to contacts who don’t want it but you forgot to remove them from your list or you have information everywhere so you can’t be sure it’s all up to date.

Maximise Your Client Information

If only there was a way to keep all this client contact information intact, up to date and in one place.  Well there is! can help you keep a database of all your clients details whether they are current, potential or have asked to unsubscribe to your communication.  You can have all the contact information for your entire network in one place.  This will save duplications and those times where you’ve annoyed someone by sending them your newsletter when they advised they didn’t want to be on your list.

Maybe you want to market to a specific group of contacts that have similar interests, are in the same industry or are from a particular region.  We can sort your database any which way that suits your requirements so you can send targeted or specific communication to those who you think will benefit or be interested in what you have to say.

Get the right information out to the right people.

Communication is key!  Use to help you stay connected to your clients.  We can do as much or little for you – just tell us what you need and we will make sure it happens.  Give us a call on 04 232 9199 or email