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Virtual Assistant Can Help Take Control Of Your Emails

Several managers and their employees have hundreds of emails coming in through their inbox daily and are finding it difficult to keep track of this large volume. They take significant time away from doing their daily tasks and can cause delays in their everyday operations.

An excellent solution for this issue is to outsource this task to virtual assistants, who can take care of your emails and give you back the time you need to work on other more pressing tasks. Here are five ways they can help you take back control over your emails!

1. Virtual Assistants know Outlook and Gmail professionally

Have you ever accidentally deleted an email that you couldn’t get back, no matter how hard you tried? Virtual Assistants can help give you tips and tricks about what you can do with your Outlook and Gmail accounts and how you can utilise them to your advantage. Our assistants are all qualified in these email services and can teach you a thing or two!

2. Prioritise your emails

Are you struggling to see what emails need urgent replies from you and your organisation, or do you simply just not have the time to read all your incoming emails? Virtual Assistants can prioritise and mark urgent emails that have a time constraint and need your reply. When you utilise our service, you will never lose any business again due to a lack of response.

3. Set up a filing system and categorisation

Do you often look at old emails from different senders to refer back to previous correspondence but can’t find what you are looking for? Our assistants can help set you up with folders and a filing system that will make finding old emails much more effortless. We can also categorise and filter your emails to ensure you don’t miss anything important!

4. Clean your email

Does your inbox have thousands of emails from years back that you will never look at? A Virtual Assistant can delete junk emails, unsubscribe you from unwanted newsletters and ensure your inbox does not get too full. Your email will always be clean with a personal virtual assistant, and you can keep on top of your incoming communication!

5. Setting up templates

Do you send repetitive emails, quotes and standard responses to your contacts and find that you spend significant time on the process? Virtual Assistants can set up templates for you to reduce the time spent on composing these emails. Rather than typing everything out more than one time, you can compose a great number of emails with a simple click.

Virtual Assistants can help you get on top of your emails by offering our expertise in the services! Contact us now if you would like to get your time back to focus on other more pressing tasks in your business!